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Social Media Management

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How subscriptions work

Subscriptions are charged every 30 days. If for some reason the charge ever does not go through, your services will stop until the charge is sorted out.

We work on a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. If we do not get you any results whatsoever and you are not happy with our service, please talk to us about it and we will do our best to work with you on it.

In the rare occasion that a customer would like to cancel their subscription, the next and following months would not be charged
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Businesses work hard to earn a solid reputation, especially online. Amplify that positivity through regular social posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Our content generation team creates relevant and engaging copy for our digital agents who then schedule that content into regular posts.

Whether it’s two or four posts per week, posting regularly on various social media channels is critical to building an engaged online audience.

When creating social posts, we strike the perfect balance between marketing posts, like specials, products advertising or service promotions with engaging and relevant content found online—think trending articles, holiday posts and content related to your industry.

What to Expect Next!

Client Responsibilities:

  • Provide the Digital Agent immediate access to your Google, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
  • Add our alias Facebook account as an administrator on your Facebook Page ❏ Provide the Digital Agent access to a Gmail account that is associated with your business.
  • (If needed for claiming purposes)
  • Provide the contact information of an individual who will be able to answer a social questionnaire.

Week 1: Onboarding Call:

During the onboarding call, we will:

  • Collect information on preferred content
  • Discuss the status of your social profile
  • Claim Google (if previously unclaimed)
  • Get credentials for the social sites you already have access to (Google, Twitter, etc)
  • Get Facebook Access
  • Go through reporting
  • Answer any questions that you might have for us

Note: If the preference is to approve posts before they go out, the option to review a month’s worth of content in advance is available.


Our agents will post 4 or 6 posts per week on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The same post is released to all social profiles at the same time.

Post Onboarding Call:

After the onboarding call is complete, our digital agent may contact you to: 

  • Receive approval on social posts that has calendar approvals.
  • Follow up on claiming calls or postcards for Google+ claiming
  • Claim an additional social site.
  • Do a social content call every month is the calendar option was purchased
  • Provide the monthly task report within the first week of every month


We currently offer this service at a monthly fee of $497.00USD/Month

How does this work?

  • By subscribing to this, you are agreeing to a monthly subscription charge which will be taken out from your card every 30 days
  • you are NOT trapped in any kind of contract or long-term agreement
  • In the rare occasion that a customer would like to cancel their subscription, the next and following months would not be charged
  • Note: We will not be able to make any partial refunds
    • For example, if for some reason you decided to cancel midway through the month, I would not be able to fulfill this cancellation for the current month, but it will definitely be valid for the following months after.
      • Let's say you canceled on October 14th, the remaining days of October would still be normal and your ads will remain managed but that means that November and the months following will not be charged and management will stop.


All you need to do is click on the ORDER SERVICE button above this description to get started. Once the order is complete, one of our representatives will be in contact with you to go over next steps.