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Website Setup


Many websites today are not setup properly and/or lack many things. The average website is very standard, plain, laggy, and just UGLY!

It's definitely okay to own a plain one-page website to get the information across to your potential clients or customers.

But.. my point is, nowadays, eye catching designs are very important to have. 

Think about it..

Back In 1994, for example, there were fewer than 3,000 websites online. Now, in 2017, there are more than 1 BILLION. That represents a 33 MILLION percent increase in almost 20 years. THAT'S NUTS!

Another key difference between 1994 and now is that it didn't matter back then what your website looked like or how it functioned. The only thing that mattered was the fact that you were 1/3000 people that had a website. That was a HUGE deal!

Nowadays, it's about competition and differentiating YOUR website from others and making it look presentable.

Imagine how many websites you're competing with in your industry and how potentially another website could be killing you in terms of design, website speed, well-written content, etc.

This is where Marketing Mania comes in. We setup your whole website within the modern standards. 

Everything you need to get your store up and running.

  • Theme setup (I will choose the best theme for your type service)
  • Premium logo designed by my own professional designers
  • Premium content write up about your business, blog, service, etc.
  • Domain setup (First-year license covered by me)
  • Navigation setup
  • General SEO + PageSpeed optimization
  • Sitemap submission
  • Contact & Policy Pages setup
  • Special requests can be included in the text box above


FAQ: Why Would I Buy Your Service Instead Of Others?

  • One thing that we stand by and can truly say that that we are proud of is our TIMING. When we build a store for a client, we do it in a small time frame of 24-48 hours. We can definitely say that there is no expert that offers this time frame. Most experts will give you a time frame of 3-7 business days. I disagree with this time frame because if you're truly an expert then you will be able to have it done very quickly. Completing your store in 24-48 hours shows that we have experience with Shopify and eCommerce as a whole. When we build a store for a client, we treat it as our own. 


All you need to do now is click the ORDER SERVICE button to get started.

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