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Facebook Coaching


For starters, we want to make sure that you know we are here for you and you only. As our client, we will treat your business as if it is our own.

TRUST - this is the most important word to us. This is the number one thing we care about most with our clients. At the end of the day, we want our clients to be happy when they put their head on the pillow at night. We want to know that they are happy with the work we are doing for them as it affects their business which also affects their life. I hope that shows what kind of company we are and also what image we are trying to promote. You invest in US and we will do our absolute 110% to invest in YOU.


Marketing Mania is a team of passionate, hard-working Online Marketers. We are now proudly 2 years into using Facebook for Business and we have had HUGE success with ti.

Don't take our word for it - here are some of the results we have achieved with Facebook Advertising.

These are results we achieved for an eCommerce client of ours:

TheKdom.com - First Two Months Campaigns (June 2017-August 2017):

TheKdom.com - Remarketing Campaigns:
As you can see, we have tons of experience with Facebook Advertising!
If you are looking for something that is more hands-off, we also offer a Digital Marketing Advertising Management service. With this service, you don't have to learn or do anything, we take care of everything for you, while you focus on the other parts of your business. You can check it out here


  • Optimize your landing pages for conversions,
  • Develop high-converting lead magnets to attract your perfect clients,
  • Research and identify the best target audiences by using the Audience Insights tool,
  • Set up conversion tracking and remarketing for your website,
  • Effectively set up and split-test your campaigns by different placements, demographics, and interests,
  • Use Facebook ad reports to analyze and improve the performance of your campaigns,
  • Use the Power Editor tool to access all the advanced Facebook advertising features,
  • How to best scale your ad campaigns on Facebook.

How does this work?

We have seen that most clients benefit the most by being enrolled in our program for at least 2 months. The reason being is that Facebook Advertising is not easy and often times there are people that give up on their goals because they find it "too hard". We disagree with the term "hard". Especially when you have a coach who is dedicated to training you as we were once trained as well. This 2-month contract is only to ensure that both parties are not wasting any time or effort. 

We guarantee that after 2 months, you will feel like a true Facebook Expert. You will know exactly how to do the things listed above.

  • We charge $997.00/month for our coaching service
  • By subscribing to this, you are agreeing to a monthly subscription charge which will be taken out from your card every 30 days
  • You will sign a contract from which you will consent to automatic payments of $997.00/month for 2 months minimum. After that, you can refrain from cancel and there will be no more charges on your card.
  • Note: We will not be able to make any refunds. This is a 2-month contract.


All you need to do is click on the ORDER SERVICE button above this description to get started. Once the order is complete, one of our representatives will be in contact with you to go over next steps.

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