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WOHOO! We offer FREE detailed business audits right here on our website. By entering your details below, you will get instant access to a complete report of how well your online presence is.
You will get to see the following:
  • SEO Results
    • Keyword Consistency
    • Amount Of Content
    • Image Alt. Attributes
    • Links, Backlinks, On-Page Links, Friendly Links, Broken Links
    • Robots.txt presence
    • XML Sitemaps
    • Analytics Presence
  • Usability
    • Device Rendering
    • Use Of Mobile Viewports
    • Flash Used?
    • iFrames Used?
    • Font Presence
  • Performance Results
    • Page Speed Info
    • Page Size Info
    • Number Of Resources
    • Javascript Errors
    • GZIP Compression
    • Optimized Image Presence
    • Minification Presence
  • Social Media Results
  • Security Results
    • SSL Security 
    • HTTPS Redirect
    • Malware Check
    • Email Privacy
  • Technology Results
    • Technology List
    • Server IP Address
    • DNS Servers
    • Web server
    • Charset
  • RECOMMENDATIONS - This is the last phase of the report which outlines what is recommended for you to fix in order to improve your online presence.