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About us

Welcome to Marketing Mania, a revolutionary Digital Marketing Agency backed by CEO & Marketer, Hassan Bazzi, and his passionate team. Many businesses are not aware of the kind of resources they can get online to help grow their business. At Marketing Mania, we help businesses in many areas including Website, Design, Creative, Marketing, & More. We live & breath work and that's why you can count on us to give you the best quality & Service.


Hassan Bazzi is a very passionate Digital Nomad who started his online journey in early 2016. He gained an interest in E-commerce from which connected him to Social Media which then connected him to Digital Marketing including Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. He has been on social media since the beginning of companies like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This has helped him grow and quickly catch on to new trends, which in this case, is Digital Marketing. So what's Digital Marketing like? It's truly not an easy topic. A quote by Gary Vee that is very relatable to Hassan, "People aren't willing to eat shit and that's why so many businesses haven't started." In the Digital Marketing game there is a lot to learn, it's not something that anyone can handle as it requires hard work, patience, and discipline. Hassan started learning about Facebook Ads in early 2016 and It took months for him to see any kind of success. Several sleepless nights and moments of wanting to quit but he kept pushing through because he believed in himself. In June 2016, Hassan started his first E-commerce business. For two months, he failed miserably but refused to give up. This business turned into a 6-figure business towards the 4th quarter of 2016. Come September 2017, Hassan successfully sold his business for a profit of $40,000USD. His passion for Digital Marketing has continued to grow till this day and he hopes to turn Marketing Mania into an Agency that businesses can trust and rely on.


Our IT team has all of the experiences you need to ensure your project is done right. They have experience in Business Development & Client Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology industry. Skilled in Client Management, Requirement Gathering, and Software Development. Our representatives will ensure that your project is fulfilled in an efficient and timely manner. He stands by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and therefore ensures that your project isn't completed until you are 100% happy & satisfied.