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3 Big Mistakes Business Owners Are Doing

3 Big Mistakes Business Owners Are Doing

September 20, 2017 0 Comments

Marketing has changed drastically in the past decade. After more than a century of postcard marketing and other methods. Digital Marketing has taken the lead. Showing a drastic change in the way consumers are making their purchasing decisions. In this post, Tifany Web will be teaching you how a few changes to your online presence can bring more revenue to your company in a very short amount of time. These are the top 3 mistakes business owners are making on a daily basis.

1. Having an Outdated Website

In today’s world, most of the population searches the web on their phones. Not having a mobile optimized website is one of the reasons why consumers might not be buying from your online store or going into your business. For example, the world’s leading companies like Apple, Tesla, and Airbnb, have mastered the technique of having a mobile optimized and easy to navigate website. The reason why these companies have the most basic and modern layouts is because there is an enormous amount of research showing that having a mobile optimized website that is easy to navigate through, brings more sales and encourages customers to come back. So the next time you want to update that decade old website, keep mobile optimization and an appealing look in mind.

2. Not Running or Having non-effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

Yes, anyone can post a Facebook Ad, but not everyone could target and re-target people effectively. Facebook has more than 1 Billion people on its network, including their specific likes of brands, companies, bands, you name it. People underestimate the power of Facebook advertising and the value of the data that you get from your ad campaigns. Finding a good agency that could run ads on their time and not yours, is a great way to increase sales instantly.

3. Not Engaging With Customers On Social Media

If you’re like most people that don’t have the time to engage with customers through social media and run a business at the same time. You need to start because set featured image as time passes, more and more people are purchasing products that are taking them to landing pages from social media. The more a customer sees a business engaging with their consumers, the more loyal they are towards that business. Most consumers also look at online credibility before making a purchase from that business. That’s why it’s not a surprise to see that the newest small businesses are dominating the world of social media marketing. They engage with their customers.